Investment Objective

Doventi’s investment objective is to maximize capital growth while minimizing risk.

Investment Strategy

To invest in organizations that are capitalizing on the exponential growth of the legal cannabis industry. 

Investment Parameters 

Provide funding for early and expansion stage companies with reasonable valuations and liquidity opportunities within 5 to 7 years.

Investment Policy

Doventi employs a policy of over-commitment. Doventi may commit more than its available uninvested capital to equity investments on the basis that such commitments can be met from anticipated future cash flows, or through the use of leverage. 


What we look for

Doventi deploys capital in early stage private and public companies that have strong leadership teams operating in the legal cannabis industry across North America. We partner with organizations across many markets in the industry including consumer and retail, production and cultivation, medicinal and nutraceutical, and ancillary. We look for synergistic alignment between our portfolio company partnerships, where the network of organizations can leverage expertise, distribution, suppliers, resources, or market intelligence from one another. These companies have everything in place to be great, and simply need the capital to reach their maximum potential.





What we offer

To Institutional and Accredited Investor partnerships: We offer a transparent investment relationship for those looking to capitalize on the growth of the legal cannabis market. You know that the collapse of prohibition on alcohol created generational wealth for those with the foresight to pioneer the industry that followed; history is repeating itself today.

You may not know how to get into the legal cannabis industry, or fully understand the legal and regulatory environments. We do.

Our team is comprised of industry-leading experts who are fully engaged in the legal cannabis sector. We have a comprehensive understanding of the environmental factors impacting today’s legal cannabis industry and how these factors may affect organizations operating within it. We are offering an investment fund structured to deploy capital across a wide variety of markets within the legal cannabis industry, ensuring we have appropriate exposure to the high growth opportunities while diversifying risk.

To future portfolio company partnerships: We have been founders and operators and, together, bring a wealth of experience to help you build a successful, one-of-a-kind company. We offer much more than capital deployment. We will provide industry knowledge, operational expertise, and strategic partnerships within our network and portfolio. Our combined experience spans many industries, including the cannabis industry, with relevant expertise in marketing, customer acquisition, product management, software development, real estate, finance, and operations. We can help with high level strategy, low level tactics, and everything in between. We love winning, and when our portfolio succeeds, we all succeed.