We mentor and coach the entrepreneurs in whom we invest, serve on their boards, and assist with team building, and strategic planning.

If you are seeking capital from a strategic partner and would like to be a part of the Doventi portfolio, please connect with us at submit@doventi.com

The companies below are a representation of  Doventi Capital Inc's Management Team's current and previous investments into the legal cannabis industry. Some of which may be rolled into Doventi Capital Funds 2015


Altaire is a Canadian brand (not a producer to consumer) of legal cannabis strains, which will be sold to Canadian patients under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. The Altaire brand will utilize tissue culturing with genetic markers for its proprietary pharmaceutical grade strains. Altaire will supply proprietary genetics to Licensed Producers of the M.M.P.R. Such example of genetics would be strains resilient to insects, powdery mildew and genetic deficiencies found in most common cannabis strains.







BC Naturals 

BC Natural's (BCN) is a licensed cultivator and producer (licensed extractions) in Las Vegas, Nevada. BCN will be cultivating British Columbia style cannabis products for the city of Las Vegas dispensaries. BCN will be utilizing strategic alliances with Cannera Consulting and GreenTec Bio-Pharmaceuticals to provide cultivate top tier BC style products and quality. BCN has partnered with CannaPunch (a licensed extraction and edible company based in Denver, Colorado) on the producer's license for edibles and extracts.

BCN will also be one of the suppliers to the only dispensary on the Las Vegas strip. To read more about the State of Nevada's MME, please view here http://dpbh.nv.gov/Reg/MME/MME_-_Home/


Cannera Consulting

Cannera Consulting (CC) is consulting company offering services within the legal cannabis sector. Cannera offers multiple internal divisions for consulting services (please view www.cannera.com for more information)

Cannera currently has placed full time consultants at one Licensed Producer of the ACMPR (formerly known as the MMPR) in British ColumbiaHandling cultivation operations from start to finish,  genetic management, and expansion planning.

Cannera also has part-time consultants placed at a I-502 Tier 2 Cultivation Facility in the State of Washington.

Cannera Equipment Leasing

Cannera Equipment Leasing (CEL) company offers equipment leasing and financing for debt within the legal Cannabis Sector in North America.

CEL currently has financed an entire I-502 Tier 2 Cultivation Facility with construction costs, tenant upgrades and equipment as a debt financing lease.

GreenTec Bio-Pharmaceuticals

GreenTec Bio-Pharmaceuticals Corp, based out of Kelowna BC is currently in the application process under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulation to produce 4500kg per year in a 80,000 square foot facility which will be newly constructed building, housing a state of the art facility strictly for the purposes of pharmaceutical grade cannabis production. GreenTec is currently in Security Clearance.


Grey Bruce Farms (Formerly OrganaGreen) 

Grey Bruce Farms is a company located in Ontario, currently in the application process for a license to produce under the new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations in Canada. 

GB Farm's leadership team comes from a pharmaceutical manufacturing background with in-depth knowledge and understanding of "Good Manufacturing Practices" and "Standard Operating Procedures". GB Farm's master grower also comes with over 25 years of industry operations knowledge.

lift resource centre

Lift Resource Centre

Lift Resource Centres are designed to help educate patients about medical cannabis and how to access it safely in Canada. When you visit a Lift Resource Centre, you’ll be greeted by professional medical staff members who are trained to both learn about your condition and to discuss how cannabis may help.

Lift Resource Centres have educators and physicians on-site that are knowledgeable about cannabinoids and medical marijuana, and how it may be an effective treatment option for your medical condition. We make the entire process of seeing a doctor, receiving educational support and registering with a Licensed Producer quick and easy.


QStrips by QLabs 

QLabs infuses cannabis extracts with oral strips that diffuse instantly on the tongue. Their first product to market, Q-Strips CBD uses the oral strip technology to efficiently consume CBD extracted from industrial hemp.

Vitalis Extraction Technology

Vitalis Extraction Technology (VET) designs and manufactures innovative technology for the C02 Super Critical extraction industry. Vitalis has created a simple yet elegant extraction machine that produces a derivative with the colours and aromas the market desires. The technology can extract medical  compounds and therapeutic properties from plant based organics using supercritical carbon dioxide, a completely organic process, which results in the purest product with no residual solvents. The VET extraction machines will have multiple patents on technology. 

Zenalytic Laboratories (zenlabs.ca)

Zenalytic Laboratories (Zen Labs) is a third party analytical lab service which will conduct analytical testing for MMPR Licensed Producers (as well as any general microbial and environmental testing). Zen lab's will be working very closely with the University Of British Columbia Okanagan, in management and operations for the company's flagship Kelowna location.